Wrap Up: How Did You Grow?-January 2021

Let’s look back at our January goals and see how we feel!

My goals were: 

  • No alcohol.  I felt great!  I know I feel better and sleep better when I don’t drink.  This was no exception.  I felt amazing!  I slept incredibly!  I won’t go back to drinking like I did was in quarantine.  I will have a glass of wine with friends, but leave the rest.  I love the way I feel!
  • More water.  More work is needed for this goal.  I need to figure out how to drink more water throughout the day, especially at work.  The mask and shield encourage me to forget to drink, and then I try to make up for it when I get home from work and that doesn’t work.  I will continue this goal into February, but I will have steps in which to achieve this goal.  
  • No Spend Month.  Success! I feel successful with this goal.  I have been using YNAB (You Need A Budget) for the past 3 months.  This has been eye-opening as to what I spend money on.  My grocery budget was WAY higher than I thought (wine is expensive!).  And, I had a lot of food to eat in the deep freeze that I wanted to get through.  This month, I learned to be more deliberate with my grocery money, meal prep, and use what I had.  I will continue the findings into February.  
  • Daily movement.  Yes Yes and Yes!  This was a game-changer month for me.  I finally found something that I love!  My new found app works for my desire for improving cardio, strength, mobility, and more!  I have loved the Peloton app (discount code: 7F7RJ6).  I have dripped sweat daily, and finally feel like an athlete again (more on this later)!

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What were your January goals? 

How do you feel about your success?  

What new habits will you carry over into February?

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