Monday Movement: Finding Your Passion

Finding a passion for movement….again

When I was an undergrad, I remember waking up early and running a mile loop around the neighborhood with a few roommates.  It was cold.  I was always last, but I was out there.  Making steps to be healthier and at the same time, connecting to my community.  Always feeling better for getting it done. This escalated from a 10k to a 50-mile run, from multiple half Ironmans to 5 full Ironmans. Nothing beats the feeling of crossing the Ironman finish line for the first time and hearing Mike Reilly calling out your name!

There was a strong passion for training for triathlons, racing them, and finding some incredible friends through the triathlon and endurance community.  Multiple half Ironmans, 5 Ironmans, a 50-mile run, cycling to San Diego solo, as well as a plethora of other races.  Fast forwards a few years, and for multiple reasons (and let’s be real, a lot of excuses later), I have struggled to find a passion that includes what my body needs now: strength and mobility and what my mind craves: community. 

There are a plethora of online resources out there, and now that the community is opening back up (slowly, thanks COVID!), there are a lot of local community gyms.  As we get older (after our 20s!), we need more strength and less cardio. Finally, after a lot of searching, trial and error, and frustration, I found my passion again!  For the last 5 weeks, I have been cycling, lifting weights, stretching, doing yoga, meditation and so much more.  All of this, with the sense of competition that many desire as well as community (albeit, an online community).  Keep searching for your passion.  You will find it.  

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This week, I challenge you to go online (or in-person once this is allowed!) and find a fitness class that you might enjoy.  Maybe even try something new.  Something out of your comfort zone.

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